Garage Construction

Garage Construction


It's all about customization. At Maker's Construction, we build customized garages that are not only functional, but designed to suit your needs. That's because we believe our clients deserve the very best - whether we are building a one-car garage or a garage with separate living quarters. As a trusted garage construction company in Fort Myers, FL, we know how to design customized and gorgeous garages. Why settle for a car port or uncovered parking? Contact us for personalized and affordable solutions when you want to build a garage on your property.


Park your vehicle in your new garage and save it from sun damage. Benefit from extra storage and more space in your home with a new garage. At Maker's Construction, we design and build quality and custom garages for every residential and commercial properties. We can accommodate every parking need, from one vehicle to multiple fleet garage for your home or commercial building.


Never choose between functionality or storage ever again with your garage space. Our affordable custom garages are a perfect combination of storage and vehicle space for you. You can choose different options and styles for your new garages without sacrificing functionality. We design quality and durable spaces to park your vehicle and store your values safely. This will not only make your life easier and free up space in your home, but also improve the overall value of your property. Maker's Construction values affordable, functional, and personalize garage space for you.

Contact us if you need a new garage on your home or commercial property. We proudly serve customers in Fort Myers, FL.

Prepare for your garage construction project

Before we can break ground on your garage construction project in Fort Myers, FL, we'll meet with you to discuss your goals. Curious about how you can prepare for the consultation? Check out the following FAQs to get the information you need:

  • What do I need to get started? Make sure you have a basic plan. We'll discuss your design ideas during the meeting.
  • Will you help with the design process? We'll discuss the unique features you want to incorporate into your garage's design.
  • Will you create the final plan? We'll send all the info to our team of engineers so they can create the final blueprints.

If you have further questions about our garage construction services, dial 239-204-2074 now for more information.