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Remodeling for you, the consumer, can be a complex and confusing event filled with unknowns. Our goal is to remove the burden from you, and for you to trust us to lead you through the maze of decisions that must be made with personable and professional guidance. We believe in providing a service that will deliver added value to your home, business and life. In the words of William A. Foster, "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives".

Many contractors will just come out, take a few measurements, give you an estimate, and wait for your approval.

Here's how we do it.



Consultation and Planning


Final Planning and Materials


Construction and Production

Consultation and Planning

Once the Design/Proposal has been approved, we are ready to start. Let the excitement begin!

At Maker's, we like to do things differently, we prefer to start our relationships with an interview to help determine if we will be a good match to your needs and expectations. This approach also allows us to get a personal glimpse of your family dynamic, style and visions, take measurements, and determine your budget. With that, we can help you get started with your project and begin building your dream. Using this grounded approach, with an established system, helps us to ensure your confidence.

Next, we will prepare any required design & estimate/proposal, which will outline the scope of work for your project, then schedule a 2nd meeting to present our proposal. At this time, if the proposal is signed, it becomes a contract. Or, if you decide to wait, the estimate/proposal will only be valid for 15 days from date written on the estimate.

Final Planning and Specifications

You will now have the chance to decide on some of the most important details, and we will guide you through the process. Material Selections - you will choose flooring, fixtures, lighting design, cabinets, and much more. This important step helps us prepare an accurate construction estimate/proposal. If required, you will acquire any necessary Architectural/Engineering Drawings for our team.

Next, after all of the selections and designs are finalized, we'll prepare the construction estimate/proposal to be presented, and then we'll schedule our final meeting. At this kick-off meeting, we will present you with a final construction estimate/proposal for your approval, review the complete budget, drawings, and selections. If signed, we will present you with a copy for your records. This process could take as little as a few days or few weeks, depending on the complexity of your project.

We understand that there is A LOT of paper work involved. That is why we give you a folder so you can store all of your documents into one place.

Construction and Production Off To Work We Go.

After signing the contract, we will prepare a detailed schedule and apply for building permits. Once all pieces are in place, we will begin work on a mutually agreed-upon date.

Once work has started, we'll conduct a weekly walk-through with you where we'll ask for your feedback on the progress to date. It is our goal to make sure that we are meeting your expectations and keeping you updated on the schedule every step of the way. We will be prompt, courteous, and will always clean up your home before we leave for the day.


Prior to completion, we will prepare a final completion checklist, which helps us to ensure we have fulfilled every aspect of our contract. We consider your project complete once we've met your expectations. After completion, we are always available for follow-up questions.